Sound proofing

There are many instances where sound proofing is required in both the commercial and domestic environment:

  • sound studio
  • (home) cinema
  • band rehearsal rooms
  • privacy rooms (e.g. interview rooms)

We can accommodate all budgets from the home project to the more advanced studio design. In addition we can offer a complete solution from design to build to commission. In effect, we can offer a one-stop-shop for your acoustic design and build solutions.

Studio design

Due to our background in acoustic design and music, we relish bespoke acoustic projects for the musician. As with other acoustic treatment projects, we can design and build room treatments for specific acoustic situations. We are able to advise our clients in different studio acoustic configurations depending on the type of sound required. Please contact us to discuss your requirements - no job is too small.

Anechoic wedges home recording studio acoustic absorbers

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