Sound Insulation

Unwanted sound or noise can pervade throughout buildings; this can be especially problematic for residential properties. This is why Part E of the Building Regulations state that party walls between dwellings must perform to a minimum acoustic specification. At Braidenacoustics we can design rooms that conform to the building regulations as well as 'pre-completion' testing services so that developments can be signed off. Sound insulation is even more important with schemes for sustainable homes such as BREEAM (BRE Environmental Assessment Method) in particular Ecohomes.

Educational buildings

It is imperative that speech is communicated effectively in schools and other educational establishments. That's why there are guidelines for schools via Building Bulletin 93 (BB93). We can design and test rooms for educational purposes that aim to conform to BB93. As well as rooms for teaching, we can design and test rooms for other uses such as music halls and rooms specifically built for audio purposes.

Office design including mechanical services

In modern office space, open plan configuration is common. However, it is difficult to separate noise sources and privacy can be a problem. With careful acoustic design and the latest technologies, improved acoustic performance can be achieved in these challenging spaces.

sound insulation classroom open plan office

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