Noise Assessments for planning applications

Nowadays, noise assessments are often required for planning applications, especially in urban environments where road, rail, industrial and other environmental noise / vibration sources are prevalent. It may be that you have been requested by your local environmental health officer that such a noise assessment be undertaken as part of the planning application. Often there are certain British Standards and guidance documents that the noise assessment may include:

  • PPG 24: Planning and Noise
  • BS 8233: Sound insulation and noise reduction for buildings
  • BS 4142: Rating industrial noise affecting mixed residential and industrial areas
  • BS 6472: Guide to evaluation of human exposure to vibration in buildings

The advantage of Braiden Acoustics

We are able to offer expert planning advice and assessments as we have experience in both acoustic reports for the developer as well as working on behalf of the council. Therefore, we can give excellent service and endeavour to provide services that can ensure that planning applications are successful. We can do this by our commitment to excellent communication with all concerned in a project including any members of the council.

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